Monday, July 23, 2012

Duck Hunting

 When my son brought home Max, he told me that Dachshunds were originally bread as hunting dogs. So I guess it shouldn't come as a surprise that Max has a very strong attachment to his duck. 
This is actually Max's second duck. The first one became so tattered we threw it away. He was so unhappy and missed his favorite play thing that a friend bought him a new duck. Which he unrelentingly guarded. While he may guard the duck from others it was definitely not safe from him. Within a matter of minutes he had torn out the squeaker and ripped off the ducks poor head. Still he would not let us have the duck. Thankfully Max is old and naps frequently, so as soon as he fell asleep the duck was removed and placed in the trash. Yes, we threw his new duck in the trash. It was at that point shredded and a major hazard for Max.
Now I am off to go duck hunting. This time it will be a hard rubber duck, hopefully Max will like it as much as he did the stuffed ones.

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