Friday, September 2, 2016

The AC menagerie Bulletin

Welcome to the September 2nd addition of

 The AC Menagerie Bulletin

The AC Menagerie Bulletin is a weekly digital newspaper highlighting brief accounts of the week's happenings around the Zoo (our home) and on blogs by myself (Nita Davis). Sit back, relax and enjoy while you catch up with the Davis family.

Tech News 

I don't consider myself much of a brain when it comes to setting up or designing web pages, but generally I am able to figure things out pretty quickly. Well not this week! You may have noticed I switched comment systems on my blogs. It was suppose to be an easy switch, well let me tell you, I managed to make it very difficult. Installing, uninstalling, manually installing, uninstalling, over and over again for three hours! All that time and work to finally realize it had actually worked the very first time. The saying 'I was only wrong once and that was when I thought I had been mistaken' comes to mind.

Life News 
Spunky "Little M" turned an entire 8 years old this week! She is a bit of a football fan so this year her party had a football theme. Can you guess who her favorite team is?

Sports News
This weeks main sporting event was the keep up with "Little K" marathon. It was a short marathon, but boy did we get our exercise!

Linking this these photos with Shadow Shot Sunday

Entertainment News
Lexi and I decided it had been too long since we had a fun girls night, so we decided to host a Girls Night Party last Saturday evening. We invited the three female relatives who live in our area as well as a few female friends. A few were not able to make it but we still had a blast with the six of us that were there. It was a terrific night of music, snacks, drinks, games and best of all mega laughter with wonderful friends. At the end of the night we all agreed we should do this every month at least once.
This FB post is just one of the hilarious comments made while playing Apples to Apples.

Blogging News
I am currently in the process of revamping the look and functionality of my blogs. Artistic Composition should have its' new look by this next week, if I can stay awake that is. I would love to hear what you think of the changes. 

This week I created this bit of political satire to turn into a note card so that I have an appropriate card for corresponding with state and federal politicians over the next four years. 

Visit the Gift Shop to get your copy

The Blog Review

On Artistic Composition this week:

-SIMC: A Legacy of Preserving the Prairie: Photos of the beautiful Arrowhead Park and information on how the park came to be.

- When Illness Strikes: Post and Quotography made in support of those who have a loved one suffering from a devastating illness.

- Wonders N Wishes: This weeks wonder is a musical duo who are using their music to encourage and empowering young and old to look for what connects us rather than how we are different.

 On Nita's Photography this week:

- South Dakota Sunday: Peaceful Turbulence: Peaceful scenic photos of the turbulent waterfalls on the Big Sioux River.

- Changing Focal Point: A post with examples that shows how changing the focus point of a photograph changes the overall feel of the photograph.

- Creative Processing: Using one photograph, processed three different ways I show how ones post processing choices determine the final look and feel of a photograph.

- Hello Jonathan: In this weeks Wordless Wednesday photo post I shared five images of a seagull in flight.

- The Challenge: Rule of Thirds and B&W: This is the second and third challenges of a 30 day photography challenge that I am participating in. For each challenge I share three photos and discuss what was done to create the photos and meet the challenges.

- On The Prairie: Do you enjoy scenic photography and images that include reflections? That is what I posted for here for Weekend Reflection and Skywatch Friday blog hops. 

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