Sunday, September 4, 2016

SIMC: Hot On The Trail

A while back we decided to head over to the bike trail for a bit of fresh air and exercise. The kids brought their scooters and of course I brought my camera. 

One thing that surprises a lot of people about our city is that the Big Sioux River actually circles the central part of the city. Just click on the map to the left and you can see the route the river takes.

The city decided to make a bike trail next to the river all the way around central Sioux Falls. In the map to the right the trail is shown in green.

Of course many of our prettiest parks are also along the river. At various locations there are even places to launch your canoe or small paddle boats. We parked at one of these locations, which is actually on the opposite side of the river than the bike trail. A funny side note: Many years ago I worked for the county registering vehicles, when I got a call from a man who was moving here from Germany and after looking at a map of the city he wanted to register his boat. It turned out to be a 40ft yacht. I tried not to laugh when I informed him the river was no way near big enough for his boat. Now back to our little excursion.

Right near the canoe launch is a beautiful old bridge that leads over to the other side of the river and the bike trail. The bridge is no longer open to vehicles but is still very sturdy.

Neither of the kids care much for bridges so they did not want to ride their scooters across. Bubba ran, while Sissy walked very cautiously until she was once again on solid ground. 

At this location the bike trail sits between the river and I-229 which is the cross town freeway.
A short distance later the trail curves and soon we were at Yankton Trail Park. This park is very large and sits between the freeway and the river. Yankton Trail Park is home to the city's soccer fields and host to some very fun festivals.

We weren't the only ones out enjoying the trail, although it was not as busy as it is when the weather is more cooperative. On this particular day it was in the high 80's and the humidity was a high, so it felt almost 100 degrees

However, there were still a good amount of people enjoying the trail.

Luckily we had thought ahead and brought our water bottles full of ice & cold water. By this time though the ice had melted, but the water was still cold.
There was a good breeze so in the shade it wasn't too bad. I do have to say though if the water didn't look quite so muddy I would have been very tempted to go wading. It is rather shallow at this spot.

I love all the trees in Sioux Falls. For being on the prairie it actually has a good amount of trees and some are very old and very large. I don't know much about trees but was sad to see these black spots on the leaves of a few of the trees. I hope it isn't some disease that will kill the tree.

I asked Sissy and Bubba to stand next to this tree so the picture could give you an idea just how large the tree is. As you can see Bubba wasn't too excited to have his picture taken.
To be fair though, by this time we had been out in the heat for almost an hour and both kids were ready to turn around and find somewhere with air conditioning. Which is exactly what we did.

Thank you for visiting me here in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.
This is my contribution to 'Sunday In My City'. 
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