Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Wonders N Wishes

There are so many wonderful things about Wednesday!
My short list:
  • It is Hump Day! That wonderful middle of the week, half way to the weekend, let's celebrate making it over life's hump day!
  • It is Wordless Wednesday! Whether you celebrate by seeking quiet solitude or by sharing image only posts, there's a sense of wonder in the wordless approach. Click here for my contributions to the sound of silence.
  • It is 'not so' Wordless Wednesday over at Curious as a Cathy. Absolutely perfect for the chatter box in me. Of course I will be sharing this post there. :D
  • It is Wish Day! That is right, the day designated by Claudya @ Unknown Mami's as the day to put a voice to our wishes. You will find my wish below. 
  • It is Wonders N Wishes Day! The day I am designating to share a 'Wonder' as well as a wish.

This week's Wonder Award goes to:
Jessika Baldwin

For many brides-to-be their bachelorette party is a 'one last wild night with their girlfriends' where the soon to be bride is the main focus, but not for this bride-to-be. Jessika Baldwin wanted her bachelorette party to be a celebration of the beginning of her new chapter in life. What she did is amazing! With the full support of the bridal party and a few salons and restaurants she turned her bachelorette party into a full day of pampering. But not a day of pampering for her and her friends, but one that included women  who were staying in a Pittsburgh women's shelter.  She stepped aside and put the focus on these women who were in obvious need of some tender loving care. 
The women were treated to three hours in a salon having their hair washed, cut and styled as well as receiving manicures, all compliments of the salon. Then it was off to lunch, followed by a shopping spree and photo shoot. They finished the day with a nice dinner in the evening, which was donated by the restaurant. 
As any woman who has gotten married can tell you, planning and organizing the wedding is very time consuming and often very stressful, yet during this busy time Jessika happily took on organizing this heartfelt way to give back to women who were going through a rough time.  Not only did she show those women she cared about them and maybe gave them a day to forget their worries, she hopes that her story encourages others to find ways to give back and show kindness to others. I for one believe it that it will. I know it has me thinking of what I might be able to do to give back.

Now for a bit of wishing.

Today I'm calling on the universe to grant the following wishes.

- It would be greatly appreciated if I could see an improvement in my health, even if it is only a slight improvement.

- Locally school is back in session so I would like to ask the universe to watch over the children and see they are safe on their way to and from school and while they are in school.

- My last wish for this day is that all of you find a bit of wonder in your week!

As Claudya at Unknown Mami's says go ahead and wish, be it simple or big, when we give a voice to our wishes it helps us realize those wishes. So what are you wishing for? I would love to know, just put your wish in the comment section and I will gladly lend my wishing powers to your wish. Please join me in visiting Unknown Mami's Wish Wednesday so that we can lend our wishing powers to her and those she is wishing for.

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