Sunday, September 18, 2016

SIMC: Redlin Art Center

Today we are going to take a trip a few hours north of Sioux Falls to the small South Dakota town of Watertown. Watertown is home to one of my favorite places, The Redlin Art Center. This wonderful museum houses over 150 of the most gorgeous oil paintings I have ever seen, by artist Terry Redlin. Like Thomas Kindade, Redlin's paintings capture the light so perfectly that they almost come to life on the canvas. 


Front entrance to the Redlin Art Center
After Charles Redlin asked his father to stop selling his original paintings in 1985 the plan for the art center was born. Twelve years later, in 1997 the art center opened as  a free exhibit designed to draw art loving tourist to South Dakota.

Often successful individuals give back to their communities, but I don't know any that have given in such a way. The Redlin family built this beautiful complex to house Terry's amazing art and then prior to it's opening to the public they donated the art and complex to the State of South Dakota.

The main building is surrounded by a beautiful park like setting with meandering paths and tranquil ponds. The art center is just off Interstate 29 in Watertown, South Dakota.

The complex includes this octagonal Pavilion, which is an event venue that sits on a small island in one of the larger ponds on the property. In addition to gorgeous granite floors, floor to ceiling windows and a brilliantly sparkling chandelier, the elegant interior, which seats 150 guests, includes eight larger than life panels featuring Redlin's America the Beautiful paintings.
Turning back toward the back of the main building the path winds through the park with benches along the way.

The lawns and ponds create not only a favorite stopping point for large flocks of waterfowl but a soothing setting for humans as well.

Back of the art center as it can be seen from I-29
While the exterior of the center and it's surrounding grounds are beautiful, the interior is what pulls me back time and time again.

I shared this photo earlier Here.

Once inside, as a lover of art, I tend to revert to a viewer and all thought of taking photos is relegated to the back burner, so I don't have but these two photos of the interior to share. 

Thank you for visiting me here in South Dakota.
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