Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Yardsale Jester vs. Rummage Gods . . . CONTEST!

Spring has finally come, or maybe I should say we skipped spring and summer has arrived. Either way the days are warm and mostly sunny, which I am very thankful for. Yet each year at this time the thrifty mom comes out in me and I decide it is once again time to try and eradicate the pack rat in me. Sure I could just box all this accumulated junk and drop it off at one of the donation centers, but hey I spent money on all of this and that is like throwing money away. Instead I spend a week or two going through everything and getting it all ready to put out for a weekend rummage sale.

 Why do I do this? I should by all rights have learned my lesson years ago. Me and rummage sales DO NOT WORK. Every year I go through all this work and have my sale only to ask my self afterward why I spent all that time for such a disastrous event. Yes I am not a Queen when it comes to having rummage sales, actually I am more like the Jester of rummage sales. In all the years I have done this only once did it not poor rain, and that time it was so very hot that we had a heat advisory and very few people braved the weather.

Yet here I am, I have spent the last week going through every box I have stored in a storage shed and going through my closets. Yes, I am planning a sale for this upcoming weekend. I must eradicate the pack rat and get rid of all this stuff. Part of me wonders if it wouldn't be better for me to just haul it all down to the donation center right now and admit to being defeated by the rummage sale gods. Alas, my stubborn never say never attitude says "I'll show you nasty old rummage gods!". So here I go, all items have been sorted and boxed up. My living room is full of boxes ready to set up for the rummage sale. This year will be different, I know it will. Not that I think the weather is going to co-operate; nor am I positive I will sell any let alone most of this stuff. But it will be different!

There are two reasons it will be different this year. The first reason is that once the sale is over on Saturday evening everything left is NOT going back in my storage! I will be dropping all of it off at the donation center. The second reason is that this year with the blog I feel it is a perfect opportunity for us bloggers to have a bit of fun! Yep I want to have fun with this by turning it into a contest. I am beginning the rummage sale with 40 boxes! To join the contest just post your guess for how many boxes will be left for me to take to the donation center on Saturday. The rummage sale will run on Friday from noon - 6, and Saturday from 8 - 4. Just in case you want to check the weather forecast before making your estimate we live in southeastern South Dakota. The person who guesses closest to the actual number of remaining boxes will win a special image tag with their name and blog URL (if they have one) on the tag. Take that rummage gods!


Niki Hudson said...

Yay! I get the first guess. I'm going to wager that you'll have 31 boxes left. (Of course, for your sake, I'm hoping there'll be less!)
Best wishes!

Michelle said...

I want to say 39 because that is how many I would have left but 40 boxes...you must have some great stuff!

I'll say 28

good luck - keep it cheap!

Nita Davis said...

:D thanks for the good vibes Niki and Michelle. I would be happy with either amount and yes Michelle I plan to keep it cheap, with 25 to 50 cents per item. Not so sure if others will think it is great stuff, but about 20 of the boxes hold crafting supplies the rest are books, toys and miscellaneous household trinkets.