Monday, May 30, 2011

Memory Monday: Photo Restoration

It is a fact of life that not every photo will survive unscathed and while that doesn't take away from the memory the photo elicits, it can bring a touch of sadness when viewing the photo. Take for example this wonderfully fun shot of my niece and nephew. My brother aptly titled this photo 'Driving Ms. C'. The photo still captures the joy, fun and laughter shared by these two siblings, and yet the discoloration and damage leaves me a bit sad and wondering how much longer till the discoloration and damage effects ones ability to make out the joyous expression on my niece's face.
Being in the business of preserving photographic memories I just had to save this bit of my niece and nephew's childhood memories. The first step was to repair the damage.
Once the damage was repaired it was on to the task of adjusting the discoloration so that the image was closer to its' original color.
Having restored the photograph and creating a digital back up of the photograph I am now confident that this precious memory will be around for many more years. Years from now when their grandchildren want to know what they did for fun when they were children they will be able to show them this photo and talk about the experiences they had as children.
It is the little memories, all those brief special moments that when combined together paint the mural of our existence that truly matter. So go out and make the memories, capture them with your camera and preserve them. And if along the way one should get damaged photo restoration can help you preserve the photo and memory.

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Nancy said...

Isn't technology wonderful? Well, at least in this particular situation. :)

khush said...

Hello Nita!
Oh my! Nice repairing you have done there. ;)
And thanks for showing this method, I have loads of pictures I need to repair, I will try to get them fixed now :D
And I am so looking forward to see your blog-hop! Memory's Monday Blog hop would be GREAT to visit! :D

Unknown Mami said...

Great job.