Friday, May 27, 2011

My Perfect Room

My perfect room…
Have you ever wanted to have a special room all to yourself? One where you could go and escape the wildness of day to day living. For some time now I have thought of just such a room. I have dreamed of how it would look, how it would smell and how it would feel. Here is my perfect room, what would yours be like?

In my perfect room the walls would be covered with a continuous mural of a mountain forest with a stream running through it. The stream would run from one wall around the one corner and up to the top of the other side of this wall so that it would blend into a fountain positioned in the corner. The fountain would be made to look like a miniature waterfall that reaches half way up the wall and falls into a pond with planter boxes staggered among the rocks. The planter boxes would be full of beautiful ferns and fragrant wild flowers.

The pond would be large enough to actually lie in and float. it would also be heated and have a switch to control jets in the pond so that I could enjoy the relaxing sensation of a jacuzzi any time day or night.

The floor would be covered with a lush moss green carpet that is thickly paddy so that every footstep sinks a good inch into the soft warmth. The ceiling would be a full skylight with a mechanical screen that I could use to operate a canvas of the deepest midnight blue with a constellation cut into the fabric, so that during the day I could have it night or day and so that on starlit nights I could create my own starry sky. Along the outside wall there would be artfully hidden air vents that could be opened on ice days to let in the fresh outside air. On the remaining wall would be an artfully camouflaged door and cabinet. The cabinet would be large enough to contain novels of far off times and places and art supplies as well as writing supplies. The cabinet would also contain a sound system with CD's of relaxing mood music such as nature sounds, harp or flute, classical and new age music. Near the cabinet would be an overstuffed recliner with massage capabilities and a pole lamp that looks like a vine with leaves and wild flowers. Near the pond would be an incense burner to bring the smells of the forest and wild flowers into the room.

Awwwwww, to have my perfect room. Especially on days like today when old age just sneaks up and smacks you right between the eyes. OK, so I am really not that old but boy today I am sure feeling ancient as my children like to call me. Here it is barely 6pm and I have been in my comfy clothes for over an hour. Yes I feel as if I could crawl into my soft bed with a good book and dream away, and who knows I just may do that. I was going to wait to do my grateful for post tomorrow and just put up "My perfect room" post but seeing as how at this moment I am really feeling grateful for Down Time I decided to combine them.

This weeks gratitude is Down Time especially down time that includes comfy clothes, a soft bed, a good book and of course my imagination.

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urban muser said...

that room sounds great. where can i get one?

khush said...

Haha! Nita! How sweet! Your so like my mom! According to what you have described, you wouldn't mind staying in an ACTUAL forest am sure, just if your provided with enough facilities and food! :P Aint I right? :D
My mom's going to love these ideas of yours, she may turn up convincing my dad to get the necessary stuff to make this artificial rain forest in her room! :P
I hope you get such kind of a room Nita, you so much deserve it after an entire life given to your kids.
Or come to India whenever you can, you will love the villages here, its quiet, peaceful and beautiful :-D
Takecare and its fun to laze around in your comfy clothes, a soft bed and a good book, I wouldn't mind staying like that for plenty of months! Haha!

Nancy said...

A lazy day reading.. that's exactly what I plant to do if I ever get off this computer... :)