Friday, May 6, 2011

Relaxation Through Imagery, The Garden Gate

Finding ways to relax in this hectic world of ours can often be difficult. One of my favorite methods of relaxation is the use of imagery. When life gets a bit too overwhelming I close my eyes and tune out the world around me and use my imagination to take me to a calm peaceful setting.
I highly recommend the use of imagery even for those who don't believe they are imaginative. Even if you can not quite close your eyes and picture the scene you describe it is possible to learn to take your self through an imaginary setting that will comfort and calm your stressed nerves. In my book "Finding Inner Peace:  Lessons in Imagery" I take readers through various imagery's like this one to give them a feel for using imagery, then I take them through the steps of creating their own personal imagery's.

The Garden Gate
By Nita Davis

As I pass beyond the gate I am met by the beauty of a small fragrant garden. I am surrounded by the cool late spring air with it's sweet scent of nature. With each step I am taken further from the chaotic activity of life. The quiet crunch with each step on the well traveled gravel path is a soothing relief. Following the path that winds through the glorious array of roses and scattered wild flowers the stress of the day slowly diminishes. In the center of the garden I come upon a small pond fed by a bubbling brook in which float the most beautiful water lilies. Off to one side is a hammock chair suspended from a sturdy branch of a fragrant magnolia tree. I curl up comfortably in this cocoon like chair resting quietly. With my eyes closed  I listen to the tinkling of the water as it gently trickles from the brook into the pond. Breathing in deeply I am soothed by the aroma of a patch of Lavender just off to my left. A gentle breeze caresses me with the sweet smell of Honeysuckle from the vines that cover the brick wall surrounding this little piece of heaven. Within these walls I am sheltered from the harsh outside world. My whole body begins to relax knowing that no matter how hectic life becomes the garden gate will always take me to this place of peace.

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