Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Falls Park at Night

Tonight I had the opportunity to run down to Falls Park and snap a few night shots just before the we got hit with a nice little thunderstorm.  I thought I would share just one more view of the beautiful falls for those that enjoyed Sunday's four season photos of the Falls. This is the first shot I took. At first I thought I had ruined the shot by getting a finger print on my lens, but it wasn't on the other shots. When I looked closely I realized it was the flood lights reflecting off the rain. If you click on the image and click again to see an even larger version you can even see a rainbow near the building. For those of you that would like to see live footage of the falls click here for the live web cam.


Annabelle Fleur said...

Wow, what a stunning image!!! I love the combination of black and color!!! I love your blog and now following! Maybe you'll have time to visit my blog:)


Elzetha said...

This pic is adorable! Great post :)

your blog is so lovely, I am following!

Maybe you will have some time to visit my blog and follow if you like to :)