Saturday, May 14, 2011

Score for the Yard sale Jester

The results are in for the Rummage Gods v Yard Sale Jester!
Yesterday was so cold it felt like it could have snowed at any moment. With the cold wind whipping all around, we sat in our lawn chairs pulling our sweatshirts closed watching as car after car drove by. After all the work I had gone through in preparation for what I have sworn will be my final rummage sale, I wasn't about to give in. During the four hours we sat there only a few brave souls stopped and even bought a few things. The rummage gods tried to thwart my attempt at a yard sale once again, and to be sure they won, today they sent rain on top of the cold and windy climate. Now I must admit that they did get the upper hand, creating conditions that discouraged would be customers from gracing my yard sale.

However, I am grateful to say they did not defeat me! Not only did I make more money than any previous year but I manage to completely clear out my storage and clean out my closets. To add to those I also was able to spend time with my friend who was kind enough to keep me company through the long cold days and at the end what did not sell I was given to a charitable organization. So all in all, even though I will never be a Yard Sale Queen, I do feel I came out on top this round. The end box count was 38 boxes taken to the donation center. That means that had Michelle stuck with her original number she would have been our winner but instead Niki is our official winner.

To recap what I am grateful for this week:
1. Cleaning out my storage
2. Spending time with friends
3. Making a bit of extra money
4. Maxabella Loves... Gratitude blog hop
5. The Yard Sale is OVER!

I decided that I would make both Niki and Michelle image tags to say thanks for playing along. Here you are ladies hope you like these. I made them small enough to be used for buttons if you like.


Michelle said...

Whoohooo! Consolation prizes. I'm sorry that your sale got 'weathered out' but oh so glad that it didn't cloud your day! Thanks for being sweet and making me a tag...I LOVE it!

Niki Hudson said...

I LOVE the image tags! Thank you so much! :) I'll keep my fingers crossed for the success of your next yard sale!