Friday, August 29, 2014

Off To See The Wizard

I wonder if the Wizard ever felt fragmented, I know I certainly do and the Scarecrow and Tin Man sure did. It's a good thing for places like Emerald City and Mrs. 4444's Friday Fragments, where we can all get our bits and pieces neatly organized.

Half-Past Kissin' Time

Well I am not exactly off to see the Wizard, although that would be really nice. I am however off to the other side of the state to attend my future daughter-in-laws' bridal shower. If I was going to the Wizard I would ask him the ruby slippers so I could travel back and forth quicker.

My son tells me his future Mother-in-law is much worse than I am about procrastinating. Now that I found extremely hard to believe as I am the queen of procrastination.  Although two days ago I was provided with proof of her level of procrastination, and while I have to admit she gets very high marks, I still think we may be about even. LOL
Two months ago he let me know that she would be calling me because she had a question for me. I finally got the call two days ago. Okay, that isn't all that bad. The question she had was that she is putting together a cook book for the kids and she would like it to include recipes from both families, and would I be willing to write up recipes so she could include them in the book. Awesome! I love the idea and of course am happy to do that. Then came the proof. It seems she wants to give the book not as a wedding present at the end of September but as a bridal shower gift this Saturday. Oh and we live on opposite sides of the state so she had to overnight me the recipe cards for me to fill them out. I received the package yesterday. I am so glad I requested only 12 cards. I have two left to write out. One I am not sure I will be able to finish in time as I am still waiting on the recipe which is a family recipe that I don't have but requested from my aunt in California.


With less than a month to go and both my dress and my youngest daughters dress to make I am feeling a great deal like the White Rabbit at this moment. I know I shouldn't stress, it is actually plenty of time for to make the two dresses.

Yesterday I set about the final steps of publishing my poetry book, only to realize I had missed one very important requirement. The publisher requires a minimum of 32 pages and my book is only 22 pages. Time to go searching for my older poems or put on the writing cap or maybe I should just make it a combo poetry and short stories. What do you think, all poetry or combination poetry and short stories? 

Have a great weekend!


retired not tired said...

Busy hands make light work and you sound busy. Have a great weekend.

bill lisleman said...

all the best on those two projects.
Maybe you should combine them and put a few recipes in with the poetry.
Rushing for a deadline because someone forgets to give you early notice drives me nuts.

bill lisleman said...

Oh I forgot to comment on your youtube selection. Great movie!
Over The Rainbow is a top favorite of mine. While I'm certainly no Dorothy, I have traveled with snoring lions and squeaky tin men.

Doreen McGettigan said...

I love Over the Rainbow. My all time favorite.
I am so impressed that you are making dresses. I hope you will post the pictures.
I love the idea of poems and short stories. Good luck with the book!
I hope you have fun at the shower.

Anita Davis said...

Thanks everyone for your input! It certainly was a very busy week.
@ Bill, I am not one for rush deadlines or snoring lions LOL
@ Doreen, I plan on doing a full post on the making of the dress so pictures will be coming at that time. Now I just have to get on it.