Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Wishing on a . . .

I bet you thought I was going to say star. 

Nope it is Wednesday and time for Unknown Mami's new link-up titled Wednesday Wishes. This is her way of focusing on the manifestation of abundance in her life and encouraging others to do the same. The idea is quiet simple really. Life's possibilities are endless when one recognizes and acknowledges that the universe is abundant in gifts and powers. So this is the day we give voice to our wishes, be they big or small, simple or complex. 

I often like to write acrostic poetry and a few weeks ago I decided to do one for the word Wednesday and post it on Wednesday. Then I read it and thought wow, that is rather negative, so I did not post it. It dawns on me though that this poem wasn't entirely negative, but is the universe's way of waking me up to my own wish. So this week I am giving voice to my wish for spontaneity or maybe it is a wish for adventure. Or maybe a little of both!


Where has the time gone
Each hour, each minute
Day after day
Night after night!
Entrapped in an endless routine,
Spinning wildly in senseless determination
Driving myself insane????
All for the needs????
Yet none for the wants!????

So now the question is how does one plan to be spontaneous?

 So what is your wish? Why not join us and give it a voice?

Have a Happy Wednesday!


megamama said...

Hi! I'm also linking up for Wednesday Wishes....that's a great question. I wish I had an answer. Go with the flow and enjoy the moment? I know that sounds easier that it actually is LOL! Loved you poem :)

Kristin Aquariann said...

Great poem. Time does spin away from so many of us - I can't believe August is half over almost!

Claudya Martinez said...

I love it. Go for the wants.

ladyfi said...

Nice poem.