Monday, August 11, 2014

RIP Robin Williams

I am always to some extent saddened when I hear someone has died. Yet, unless I know them personally my sorrow is generally fleeting and more empathy for their family and friends than true grief. There have been however a few celebrities who's deaths have rocked me to my very core. Princes Diana, Michael Jackson and now Robin Williams. Today my heart aches, for him, for his family, for his friends and yes for those like myself whose hearts were touched by his incredible talent.

I know the best way to honor him is to remember him for his joy and talent and laugh in spite of this tragedy.
I promise I will laugh tomorrow!


Marie Liv said...

Robin Williams was truly a great and talented man. I wish his family well through this time.


bill lisleman said...

We all lost the entertainment he could be counted on to provide. I was amazed by the various talk show interviews he had done. His mind was always working on a twisted version of the conversation. Very sad. He was a great talent.