Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Week In A Whirl

This week just seems to be going by in a whirl. Here it is Wednesday already and I am way behind. I wish I could say Monday and Tuesday were busy with productive projects that kept me occupied but I can't. Sure there were appointments to go to, and some photo editing to be done, but most of my time was spent going in circles trying to find my way around this fair city.
As for the weekend it was fantastic. My niece arrived Friday evening. My oldest daughter sprained her ankle on Thursday so was not able to go out and about much. So although we did show my niece around some most of the time was spent visiting at home which was very nice. Here are a few of the many photos we took over the weekend.
 My son-in-law gave her a tour of his ship.
 We headed down town on Sunday morning to show my beautiful niece a few of the sights.
 The kids persuaded her to join them in a round of Dance Central competitions.
 Saturday evening we enjoyed a bit of cards a round of Yahtzee and many laughs.
It had been many years since my niece and daughters had seen each other and it was the first meeting for her and my grandchildren. It was great to see how excited they all were to get to know each other. Bonds were established and hopefully they will see one another often in the coming years.

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Fun60 said...

It's always good to meet up as a family and even play board games without too many disagreements. As I've got older it seems that time has gone into another dimension i.e. passing too quickly.

Unknown Mami said...

Your niece is gorgeous and I'm so glad your family got to bond with her.