Sunday, June 3, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday: Flight

I hope you will enjoy my submissions this week. From time to time I like to try and capture all of the prompts in a single shoot thus resulting in a cohesive theme for the series. 
This week's prompt list: Shine, fast, left, peace and plain.

My chosen theme: Flight

 Following this gull with my camera I shot straight up directly into the sun shine as he swooped over my head.
 He was so fast. For this shot I wanted a stronger motion blur to the background than the bird which was accomplished by moving the camera with the bird.
 He looped around to the left and turned to come directly back towards me.
Alright, I know it isn't a dove but he still looks so peaceful.
Although I am more drawn the the shots with delicate of fluffy white clouds in them this one with the plain blue sky is alright.

I managed to capture all of these while I was at the beach with my family. Shortly after taking these photos I took my camera back to the car so I could get in the water and enjoy some fun with my kids and grand kids. While in the water a flock of gulls decided they liked my oldest daughter's bright red hair and were circling and swooping down at her. At her request I created these two composites to remind us of the episode which with our rather odd sense of humor we found very funny.
Although my daughter liked the first one I wasn't completely happy with it so I did this next one also.

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Holly said...

Wow! These are just beautiful! Shine is my favorite!

Amy Lynn said...

I must agree with Holly - my favorite was "shine!"

Great job interpreting all five prompts in one shoot! And great job with the composites as well :) Sounds like lots of memories were made

Anonymous said...

These are sooo great!! Love them!

Christine E-E said...

i like that you selected a theme & linked all the SHS words with that theme... having said that, my fave pic is PEACEFUL... & your bord does look that way.

Anonymous said...

What a lovely set this week!

Katherines Corner said...

beautiful photos! Hugs and wishes for a beautiful week!

Ashley Sisk said...

Beautiful captures - I especially love your perspective on shine.