Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Humor Is Important

Taking life too seriously can cause a great deal of stress and cause one to grow old quickly. So I am very happy that my family embraces a more humorous approach to life. We can be serious when the need arises but we also enjoy letting the our hair down. Now you may look at these photos and think Oh My God they are crazy or drunk. Well, we may be crazy but the hats actually went on before the first drink was poured. Four of these tinfoil hat wearing individuals actually went to the store with their hats on just to see what peoples reaction would be. As you can imagine they got quite a few odd looks and some laughs. With them all prepared to ward off any invasion of mind reading aliens I thought it would be fun to create a photo that captured that theme. The wording is slightly off set to allow them to use it as a Facebook cover photo.

From this:

To this:
As you can see if laughter and humor keep one young we are never growing old.
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