Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Buildings Past and Present

This week my mind is jogged by sudden memories of my two oldest children sitting in front of the TV watching Herbie Rides Again over and over. They loved that movie and so did I. Each of us for our own reason's. Mine was the plight of the beautiful historic Firehouse and the dedication of its' tenants. My son's of course was Herbie himself. I do believe this movie was the beginning of my son's love for Volkswagen's. As for my daughter she will tell you it is just a darn good movie!

The sudden memory was brought on by this stark evidence of the loss of some historic building. Of course not all old buildings can or even should be saved but still sights like this always leave me a bit sad.  It leads me to wonder just what building might have graced this spot. Maybe I will get lucky like Keetha and come across some old postcard or photo, so that I can see which building once graced this street. If you are like me and interested in the old and the new check out her Then and Now post.

I was happy though that not all the old buildings were destroyed, and that the new buildings were not just box's with no character. Here are just a few of the beautiful buildings old and new I saw on a short walk in down town Norfolk, VA.

These beautiful buildings, old and new tell the stories of the community around them. Yet if we do not think to record their stories how will future generations even know they existed. If I could go back in time I would photograph buildings that played a part in my youth and in the youth's of my children. But alas I can not. Maybe one day I will go back to the West Coast and the Midwest to photograph any that remain.

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