Sunday, June 3, 2012

Week In Pictures

The week started out with what my grandson Bubba calls park hunting. The way it works is Bubba, Sissy and I set out on a search, they in search of a park where they can play and me in search of interesting sights or shots to fulfill photo prompts. On this particular day I was looking for interesting shots for the prompt circles. We wound up at Northside park on Tidewater Drive.

 At this playground there were all kinds of things to meet the challenge. Here is just two of the fun circle shots I captured. I also of course captured tons of photos of Bubba and Sissy having fun.

The next couple of days it rained off and on, so I stayed close to home.
A robin decided to build it's nest on the fence at the edge of the patio. Of course now when we sit on the patio the robin gets angry.
Everyday planes and helicopters fly overhead. Sometime they fly so low I know I could capture an awesome shot without having a zoom lens. Of course though they seem to know when I step out without the camera and keep well out of range.
 Max was very happy when the sun broke through and the rain stopped. He loves hanging out in the backyard. With the rain over we ended our week with the family heading to one of the three Norfolk beach parks to go swimming.

Overall it was a good week. Even though I found myself stuck indoors for a few days the week was very productive. I was even able to use some of that time to write this short story. 

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Wishing all a fun filled memorable week.


Tami said...

Don't you just love the blue robin eggs? It's a sign of new life. The colors in your other playground pictures are brilliant.

Keetha Broyles said...

I'm loving all the color in that playground stack of what appear to be primary colored steering wheels - - - what are they btw?

Joanna Jenkins said...

Robin's egg blue is one of the most perfect colors ever!
Your week looks like you filled it with some very fun activities!
Happy SIMC, jj

As Cape Cod Turns said...

Cool circles from the playground! And the robin's eggs colors are beautiful! Looks like it was a fun week!

Unknown Mami said...

I love your circle shots. And those eggs are almost too pretty to be real.