Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sunday Submissions

There are a number of Sunday meme's that I really enjoy. So I have decided to place Sunday In My City on this blog and Scavenger Hunt Sunday and Your Sunday Best on my other blog.

So here are my submissions for Sunday In My City.
My City is now Norfolk, Virginia where I live with my oldest daughter and her family. This weekend we had a BBQ with some of Val and Paul's friends. It was a beautiful day and a lot of fun just relaxing and visiting.
Finding places to store our belongings in my daughter and son-in-law three bedroom town house has been a bit of a challenge. Fortunately their home is good sized and has a small family room/office where I have set up my desk. In the corner behind my desk I decided to store some of my equipment and supplies. If you look you can see a few boxes that are behind my desk.
Today while I was trying to decide what to post about for Say Hi Sunday and Sunday In My City, I heard a faint mewing noise. After looking all around for my daughters cat I discovered him stuck behind my desk. Sorry about the quality of these next few shots, it was very dark under the desk and of course the cat didn't want to hold still.

After I moved the purple case that was on top of the boxes the cat used the open space to jump onto the back of my desk.

He then pushed his way out from behind my computer. I hope he learns quickly and doesn't try to go back there again.
Wishing all a relaxing Sunday and a great week ahead!
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Tara said...

My cat loves to find hiding spots like that as well. Luckily they meow or I'd never find them. This cat looks a lot like my Fluffy Girl.

Enjoyed your post!

Tara R. said...

He's just exploring. My cats like to get into hard to find places too.

Keetha Broyles said...

Fisherhubby loves to grill - - - he even uses a little black round Weber like those - - - and that makes me GLAD 'cause he grills us up some meat and I just make a veggie and VOILA - - - DINNER!

Wayne W Smith said...

That BBQ looks good. It is getting too close to lunch today to comment on such posts.

bill lisleman said...

curiosity and cats ?
good flame going on the grill

MamaTim said...

Cats are always curious of what we do.. yours too I bet ;)
We dont own cats but the stray cats keep us company..

Unknown Mami said...

Thank you for letting me peak at this part of your life's journey. I hope you are settling in and that it is beginning to feel like home.