Tuesday, April 24, 2012

First Father Daughter Dance

There are so many special days in the life of a child. Some of them come and go without us adults thinking to much of them. Of course we take note of the biggies and capture them with photographs but what about the littler ones?

Friday was just such a day for my granddaughter Sissy. At her school they were having their annual Father Daughter Dance, and this year her daddy was home to attend. Last year he was deployed at the time of the dance. Her mom and dad let her pick out what she would wear and what he would wear.
As they were walking out the door I asked "What about pictures?" and sure enough they hadn't thought to take a picture, so grabbing my camera I snapped this photo.

As I turned around to head back in the house I saw Bubba. He was all sorts of upset that he wasn't going with Daddy and Sissy. Only the promise of him having a special DATE with daddy the next day calmed him down. What often is little to us are major events to little ones.

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jeannette said...

Oh dear! I saw it all in front of me! There aren't as many events for boys as for girls -even the big boys, lol! I remember, my future son-in-law asking me, "Why do the girls get all the presents?"

Almost forgot -it's okay with me to write a story about the Br. Grimm house, as long as you give me credit -thanks! (Jeannette St G)