Friday, April 13, 2012

The Hunt

Deciding to start my adventures close to my new home I set out on foot with my two grandchildren, Sissy and Bubba.
I told them we were going on a hunt and showed them the list of photography prompts. The photographer spirit came out in Sissy and she got all excited to find the prompts.

Little Bubba was every bit as excited, however to him we were setting off on a hunt for a playground.
The backyards of the houses are separated by a wide grass area with walking paths. Along the paths we came across a number of interesting sights.
Although it had nothing to do with my list of prompts this hanging decoration caught my eye. Within the next few days I will be sharing more shots of this cool looking decoration.
Following the path around to the front we came across this porch. I can imagine sitting here on a quiet afternoon.
The kids really liked these colorful flower buckets. I do think it adds a quaint touch to the porch.
But we also came across a few very odd sights, like this bench up in a tree. One has to wonder if it was put their in an attempt at making a tree house.
During our hunt we came across three playgrounds similar to this one. The other two were a bit smaller but still very nice.
Of course we couldn't resist playing a bit each time we found a playground.
The kids had a race. Bubba won a few times.

Sissy insists that she won this time because her feet left the slide first. After looking at the photo I told her that it wasn't really a fair win because if you look you can see that Bubba's body is actually in front of Sissy's. Her long legs give her an advantage.
One of the most interesting things we came across on our hunt was this tree with flowers growing right out of the bark. Click here to see more of these beautiful flowers.

After a fun time on our hunt we headed back to the house. Thanks to Sissy's keen eye and mind I was able to get photos for all of the prompts for this coming Sundays' Scavenger Hunt post. Both kids are looking forward to going on more 'hunts'.


Keetha Broyles said...

You know, we had LOTS of redbuds where we used to live in Indiana (I really miss them here, btw) but I don't EVER remember seeing them budding right out of the bark like that! COOL.

Keetha Broyles said...

Oh, and I forgot to say - - - I'm SO GLAD you were able to take a hunt like that with your grans. Nothing beats time spent with the grans!