Thursday, April 26, 2012

New Meanings for a New Generation

As the years pass words and phrases tend to take on different meanings. For instance when I was little I was given the nick name Skeeter. The full nick name was Neeter Skeeter, a purely nonsense phrase that my cousin made up as a rhyme. I was Neeter Skeeter and my brother was Eddie Seghetti (as in spaghetti). At the time it was perfectly innocent, it just happened to rhyme. Well last year I discovered that the new generation has given the word Skeet a new meaning, and trust me it is not one I particularly wish to be called. Go Here to see the meanings and how they have changed over the last 80 years.

I'm sure my own generation changed the slang meanings to many words or phrases. One phrase that comes to mind is little devil. I can remember when my kids were little calling them little devils and older relatives being rather shocked, so to that older generation it must have had a much wickeder connotation than what I meant. More recently I heard my kids calling their kids demon spawn and at first I was as shocked as my mother must have been when I called my kids little devils. But considering my grand children are the children of my little devils I guess demon spawn is an appropriate phrase for this new generation of mischievous children. With that in mind my daughters and I got together and came up with a line of Demon Spawn Gear. 
As much as I would like to believe my grandchildren are angles, I am not blind. Well at least not yet anyway. Honestly how could they be when I often say my horn holds up my halo, and they are after all my offspring. So I will accept this new odd phrase as it is meant to be a way of saying I know my child isn't perfect. Is there a phrase or word that has taken on a new meaning that caught you slightly off balance?

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