Saturday, August 13, 2016

The AC Menagerie Bulletin

Welcome to the August 12th addition of

 The AC Menagerie Bulletin

The AC Menagerie Bulletin is a weekly digital newspaper highlighting brief accounts of the week's happenings around the Zoo (our home) and on blogs by myself (Nita Davis). Sit back, relax and enjoy while you catch up with the Davis family.

Tech News 
The latest 'Tech' to hit the Menagerie is a new photo editing app called Mold IV. I downloaded the Free app at the beginning of the week and am very happy to say that it is by far the best photo editing app I have tried so far. It comes with a good selection of filters, tools and added fun design extras. You can purchase more filters and design extras for a reasonable amount, but even with just the free ones it is way better than most editing apps. I created the following three collages using the app and photos taken with my cell phone. 

Life News 

This week was full of joy. We started the week off with a fun trip to the fair. Lexi is on vacation this week so we have been enjoying having her home. To add to the fun, my son's youngest daughter came to spend time with us while her mom and dad were at work. Little K's daycare provider went on vacation this week. It was great having her with us, but like most two year old's she can be rather needy. Needless to say I am behind with everything including my blog reading and replying to comments. 

Sports News
In the spirit of the Olympics our mid week trip to the lake has a few gold medalist. Bubba took gold in water football. Bubba's friend "C" definitely got gold in swimming, competing against Lexi in a swim out to the buoys not only did "C" get there and back faster, but he made it back with the same exuberant energy as when he headed out. Lexi on the other hand, wound up having an asthma attack half way back. I'm not sure what sport Sissy was playing but she certainly got gold for her superior antagonistic abilities. Little 'K' earned two gold medals one for running and the other for clinging. I even won a gold medal for floating. I could have floated all day if Sissy hadn't preformed a surprise attack which caused me to have to swim as far out of her reach as possible. Lexi as always brought home the gold for the reddest sunburn. LOL

Educational News

This week we introduced Little 'K' to my late husband's laptop for some fun preschool games. While he was alive he frequently sat one or another of the grandchildren down with his laptop for educational and fun games. He had a number of games all the kids just loved. I know he would have loved her reaction to being allowed to use the laptop.

Travel News
Yesterday I took the day all to myself and headed out with my cameras for a long overdo photo trip. The plan was to photograph as many small town main streets as I could before the sun went down. This photo was taken with my cell phone as I amused myself waiting for a train to pass. I didn't get to photograph as many of the towns along the 274 mile trip as I would have liked but the town I wanted to photograph the most was near the end of my trip, and as I got a late start I knew I would run out of daylight if I photographed every little town before I got to the main one. But that is okay it just means I need to make the trip again. Next time I will definitely start earlier. 


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The Blog Review

On Artistic Composition this week:

SIMC: Riding With Private Malone: This week's Sunday In My City focused on the moving tributes (both figuratively and literally) to those who have given the ultimate sacrifice for our country.

- Wonders N Wishes: This weeks Wonder Award goes to one of my favorite singers/actresses for her dedication to promoting self acceptance and encouraging young girls worldwide. Check it out to learn who she is and what she has done.

 On Nita's Photography this week:

- Hot Nights N Hot Corvettes: A series of photos from this years Hot Summer Nights Corvette car show.

- Beautiful Moments: Captures a very special moment of a young girl visiting the gorgeous waterfalls at Falls Park in Sioux Falls South Dakota.

- WW: Pet Portraits: WW or Wordless Wednesday posts rely on the photo alone to convey a message. Hopefully these pet portraits do just that.

- The Wonderful Thing About … : For this week's Weekend Reflection and Sky watch post I have shared a fun reflection and a dramatic storm photo.

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bill lisleman said...

Funny dashboard pic from you road trip. Also like the pic of the grandkids using grandpa laptop.

Hey browsed over here via the link on your DISQUS profile so you set it up right. You should be able to find directions for installing DISQUS on your blog on the DISQUS web site. I did it so long ago I don't remember the details. Back then their big feature that drew me in was the easy way to reply to comments.