Friday, August 5, 2016

The AC Menagerie Bulletin

Welcome to the August 5th addition of
The AC Menagerie Bulletin

For a number of years now I have referred to our home as the Zoo, mostly because it is always full of rather curious and sometimes wild caricatures.  So I thought it only fitting to name my Friday weekly review post the AC Menagerie Bulletin, as this posts is a brief account of the weeks happenings at our home and here on my blogs. Both of which are filled with a bit of the unusual

- Overall it has been a quiet week at the Zoo.

- We welcomed a new member to the family. For some time now my daughter Lexi has been suffering from kitten fever. So when a friend of mine asked if I knew anyone who wanted a kitten as she needed homes for three kittens, I knew exactly who to tell. If our home wasn't so small I am sure Lexi would have wanted to adopt all three, but instead she chose this fun little guy. After a day of playing with and watching him she gave him the name Moments. As she said his eyes remind her of a 'precious moments' and his playful loving personality was sure to result in many wonderful moments. 

This week, my artistic and creative pursuits have been limited to taking photos, a bit of writing and a lot of photo editing. This is one photo from a series of portraits of my youngest granddaughter that I have been working on. I hope to share the series next week on my photo blog.

- Today our maintenance man provided a bit of entertainment, by moving a refrigerator up a flight of stairs. The staircase is not a straight climb, but is split into two sets of stairs, each facing the opposite direction of the other and separated by a rather small landing. Needless to say it is a very difficult staircase to navigate with large objects, especially all by oneself. But he did it! When asked by a neighbor if he had done it by himself his reply, which appears on this meme below his photo, was quite funny.

The Blog Review

On Artistic Composition this week:

- Historic Landing: Shares my exciting discovery of the possible origins of the subject in one of my photographs. This article is on the long side, but is full fun and interesting facts about a turn of the century amusement park.

- Wonders N Wishes:This weeks Wonder is a tribute to the late Chief David Bald Eagle. The post also has a few wishes and highlights various fun Wednesday blog hops.

- SIMC: Making Wishes Come True: Sunday In My City is a fun blog hop in which bloggers share about their city. This week I shared photos from our annual Hot Harley Nights, which is an event that helps raise funds for Make-A-Wish(R), South Dakota.

On Nita's Photography this week:

- Oh What a Beautiful Day: Two photos showing just how beautiful the day was.One a reflection and the other a vibrant flower.

- Nature: A series of nature: weather and adventure related photographs that I entered in the Weather Channel photo contest.

- Prehistoric Pets: A fun toy dinosaur Wordless Wednesday photo.

- Portraits: Mike and His Girls: A peek at an event location family portrait session.

- Pride, Respect and a Touch of Sadness: A photo tribute to POW's and MIA's.

- Unique Wedding Accessory: Street photography capturing a bride being photographed with a snake.

Have a Terrific Weekend!


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bill lisleman said...

Nita, I don't know how often you use DISQUS but you should change the link on your profile to your blog URL/address. It makes it much easier to click over and people to find your blog. Or use your web site which I just found looking for your blog.

Kitten are nice but they grow up to be cats - I know that's my own personal issue.

Funny pic of the refrigerator story. Using at least two strong people is much safer and easier on pulled ligaments, popped disc, etc.