Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Wonders N Wishes

There are so many wonderful things about Wednesday!
My short list:
  • It is Hump Day! That wonderful middle of the week, half way to the weekend, let's celebrate making it over life's hump day!
  • It is Wordless Wednesday! Whether you celebrate by seeking quiet solitude or by sharing image only posts, there's a sense of wonder in the wordless approach. Click here for my contributions to the sound of silence.
  • It is 'not so' Wordless Wednesday over at Curious as a Cathy. Absolutely perfect for the chatter box in me. Of course I will be sharing this post there. :D
  • It is Wish Day! That is right, the day designated by Claudya @ Unknown Mami's as the day to put a voice to our wishes. You will find my wish below. 
  • It is Wonders N Wishes Day! The day I am designating to share a 'Wonder' as well as a wish.

This week's Wonder

Donnie w/Project Donnie delivers about 30 pairs of boys pants to Children's Inn (Source)

This week the AC Wonder Award goes to a South Dakota local young man by the name of Donnie. In 2011 at the age of 8 years old Donnie, while watching a segment of CBS Sunday Morning about a man who started an organization to help people in his hometown, suggested to his mom that they should do that too. His mom agreed and they started Project Donnie

Project Donnie partners with Kids Against Hunger to package 3,240 meals. (Source)
In addition to independent fundraisers Project Donnie also partners with local business owners and other non-profit organizations to help people in our community who are struggling. Unlike many organizations that provide help in just your basic necessities such as food, clothing and shelter, Project Donnie strives to help with other needs as well, such as home & car maintenance and tutoring for children just to name a few. Last year when a local school's playground was destroyed by a fire Donnie raised $190 to help rebuild the playground by selling "I made a difference with Project Donnie" wrist bands. 2015 also saw the expansion of Project Donnie by opening Donnie's Closet which takes in donations of sporting shoes and equipment then disperses them to children in need. Just yesterday Project Donnie announced it's newest project, which is collecting donations of new or gently worn Halloween costumes to deliver to needy children on the Rosebud and Pine Ridge reservations here in South Dakota.
Because this young man didn't just see a need, but saw a way to help fill that need and suggested it to his mother I believe he has earned not only this award but our respect and admiration as well. Click Here to show your support of this amazing young man by liking Project Donnie's Facebook page, or Click Here to like Donnie's Closet's Facebook page.

Now on to wishing

Today I'm calling on the universe to grant the following wishes.

- This may sound like a strange wish but it is something that I really need to happen. I wish I would stop losing weight. You see I am not trying to loose weight and I don't need to loose. During my life time my I have been on both ends of the weight battle, and can honestly say either one is a frustrating battle. At one time I weighed over 200 pounds, which for my height and small bones was very overweight. The struggle to get back to a healthy weight took three years but I did it. Five years later I began loosing without trying, ending up at a very unhealthy 85 pounds. It took four years to get back to a healthy weight and I don't want that to happen again. Right now I am only five pounds under my ideal weight however just over a year ago I was 65 pounds over my ideal weight. I know it sounds crazy but the only thing that I have done purposely that I am sure contributes to this last year's weight loss is to stop drinking soda and start drinking a lot of water.  

- I wish there were more people like Donnie and his mom and less people so quick and willing to turn a blind eye to the needs of others.

- My last wish for this day is that all of you are healthy and have all your wishes come true!

As Claudya at Unknown Mami's says go ahead and wish, be it simple or big, when we give a voice to our wishes it helps us realize those wishes. So what are you wishing for? I would love to know, just put your wish in the comment section and I will gladly lend my wishing powers to your wish. Please join me in visiting Unknown Mami's Wish Wednesday so that we can lend our wishing powers to her and those she is wishing for.


Cathy Kennedy said...

Project Donnie sounds like a great program and it amazes me to hear of young kids who start things like this. It gives hope to the hopeless and inspiration to those seeking direction. Best of luck to you in getting to a weight you feel comfortable and healthy at. I'm a petite, small frame person, too. So, a few extra pounds look like a lot. Thankfully, I'm in a good range but I prefer to be a few pounds lighter and will eventually get them off. I'm not trying as hard as I could. Thanks for stopping in for a visit and link up. Have a wonderful not-so Wordless Wednesday!

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David McClendon said...

Project Donnie sounds cool.

Suzanne McClendon said...

Project Donnie sounds like a wonderful program and Donnie sounds like a sweet little boy, too. :)

Best wishes to you in getting to the safest, healthiest weight for yourself. It is a battle for me to get back to where I should be. Other health issues keep me from being able to exercise the way that I should.

That David would recover completely from the strokes.
That Davey and Jared are safe.
That all goes well for our girls.
That I can deal with what is before me even though it scares me to death.

Have a blessed week.