Friday, August 26, 2016

The AC Menagerie Bulletin

Welcome to the August 26th addition of

 The AC Menagerie Bulletin

The AC Menagerie Bulletin is a weekly digital newspaper highlighting brief accounts of the week's happenings around the Zoo (our home) and on blogs by myself (Nita Davis). Sit back, relax and enjoy while you catch up with the Davis family.

Zoo News 
Our little zoo was blessed overnight with not just one but two additional fun animals. A wily little fox, who just happens to be the best friend of our miniature Giraffe, and Chewy the best friend of our little squirrel.

Celebration News 
Yesterday was my oldest brothers Birthday. He lives too far away for me to celebrate with him but that didn't stop me from wishing him a Happy Birthday with a silly e-card.

Sports News
We headed over to Scheels to check out some sporting equipment, and I wound up with some fun photos instead. Sissy is terrified of heights so the entire time we were inside Scheels she just kept saying 'No, No, No'. Bubba not to be left out has decided he doesn't like heights either. They both refused to take the escalator to the second floor and nervously climbed the staircase. I decided to take pity on them so we took the elevator down. As you can see from their expressions neither care too much for elevators either. I do believe it is safe to say neither will be taking up skydiving or a billion other sports that make use of varying degrees of altitude.


Skippy shared this comic on my Facebook page with a comment asking if this was how my species came to be. I don't know but that may explain why my mother loves elephants. LOL


The Blog Review

On Artistic Composition this week:

- SIMC: Summer Rewind: This week's Sunday In My City focused on my oldest granddaughters softball game, with photos taken at the beginning of summer.

- Motivational Self Portrait: A combination of poetry and photography.

- Wonders N Wishes: This weeks Wonder Award was given to a 9 year old boy from whom we could all take a lesson from.

 On Nita's Photography this week:

- Happy: A bit of street photography capturing the joy of a young boy during a parade.

- European Hornet: An up close view of a rather mean insect.

- WW: Protesting School: With school starting in just under two weeks I thought a fun anti-school cat photo would be a great wordless Wednesday photo.

- The Challenge: Self Portrait: This is the first of 30 photography challenges that I will be taking part in over the next month.

Back to School Portraits: A few fun portraits of two of my grandchildren.

- Do You See What I See?: This weeks Weekend Reflection and Sky watch photos highlight seeing what another person sees.

Have a Fabulous Weekend!
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