Friday, May 29, 2015

Fragmented Friday

Once again we have made it through another week and Friday is upon us. Well actually Friday is almost over and I am just getting around to finishing up my fragments for the week.

Frag 1
So I read this article and took the quiz to see if it could guess my five dominant traits. Here are the results; "Your five dominant traits are: curious, thoughtful, reserved, perceptive, and analytical. You love gadgets, and people find you to be a philosophical problem-solver. You are observant and inquisitive, and you tend to rely more on the mind. You are technology savvy, more artistic in your nature than the average, and experimental in your spirit." I can't argue with that.

Frag 2
I don't want to jinx anything but there is a rumor going around that we will have sunshine and 80 degree weather next week! Well, not a rumor exactly but it is what the weather channel is forecasting and we all know that can be a reliable as a rumor. I really hope they are right.

Frag 3
Grandchildren are the best! I just wish all my grandchildren lived close by.

I know I shared this photo a few years ago when I took it but since it is the most recent photo I have of my precious "E" I am sharing it again. She lives in Virginia with her mother. I miss her so much!

Liz and Little K, these two sweet sisters are my oldest and youngest granddaughters.

My grandson Bubba peeking across the world.
The middle grandchild Sissy in her cowboy hat and Cowboys jersey. Yes she is a Dallas Cowboys fan big time. She had her eleventh birthday this month and finally got a pair of cowboy boots. Pink cowboy boots!

Of course I can't leave out my two honorary grandchildren, Brook and DJ.

My grandkids are all getting so big, some days I wish I could just stop the clock. Especially when I realized that in not too many more years I could become a great-grandmother. Oh My God! .... that is a very scary thought.

This Week's Blogs Recap
Just in case you missed it here is what I've been posting about this last week.

Surviving Children ... a bit on how some use humor that others perceive as  'wrong' to reduce the stress that comes with dealing with children all day.

Memorial Day 2015 ... A bit of artwork in tribute of Memorial day.

Wordless Wednesday ... A bit of street photography.

 Friday Mix ... A mix of photos taken recently.

Well that's all for me folks! Now if you have some bits and pieces that didn't make it to a full blown post why not throw them together and join the fragmenting party at Mrs. 4444's.

Have a Great Weekend!
Half-Past Kissin' Time

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bill lisleman said...

I have mixed thoughts on those online quizzes. They sure are popular on FB and I guess some fun. Great pics of grandkids. We have about half living far away and the other close by.