Friday, May 22, 2015

Fragging on Friday

It's Friday!
If you follow the wonderful Mrs. 4444's you know what that means.

Half-Past Kissin' Time

I have decided to make it a time for me to compile bits and pieces of what is going on in my life and share it here. Kind of a way to say yes I am still alive and kicking, so here goes.

Last night turned out to be a bit of a wild night. I was all set to get this post together and posted to the blog when Lexi went into a really nasty asthma attack. One would think that with three asthmatic's in the house there would be a rescue inhaler in every room, but nope. As a matter of fact all three inhalers were empty! Thankfully we do have a nebulizer, but when that didn't seem to be helping I made a call into 911. It was a very tense ten minutes before they arrived and were rushing her to the ER. After another neb treatment and steroids to open up her airways Lexi was breathing much better and released to come home.

It happened! 
The contestant that I was hoping would win the voice won! If you haven't heard Sawyer Fredericks sing check out this video of his first official original song.

Bit by bit my creativity is coming back and I have even managed to take advantage of the occasional nice day here and there to capture a bit of the scenery around me and even enjoy a nice lunch downtown.

The old Fairmont Creamery building on main street in down town rapid has a nice little sandwich shop on the lower lever and a cool record store on the main level. That is where I snapped the idea and photo for this next image.

Wishing all a safe Memorial Day weekend!

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