Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Weekly Quote

I had this all ready to go for Thoughts on Tuesday, and well let's just say I ran into technical difficulties ... seams yesterday wasn't Monday after all. So here are Tuesdays Thoughts on Wednesday... LOL

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Now being as it is actually Wednesday and the day Claudya at Unknown Mami has set aside recognizing the abundance of the universe and making our wishes known, I too shall make a wish.

My wish is to incorporate the above quote more fully into my life. In the past few years so much of what is happening in my life has been out of my control that it has become harder to tell what is within my power and what is not. So Oh Abundant Universe open my mind that I might make the best use of that which is within my power.

I also wish each and everyone one of my readers a very happy day and the abundance of the Universe!


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