Sunday, May 24, 2015

Spring Market and Frühlingsfest

On Saturday I headed to Main Street Square with Sissy and Bubba to check out the Spring Market and hear a bit of bluegrass music from the local band Six Mile Road.

The event wasn't nearly as busy as I had anticipated, nor were there as many vendors as I expected. Maybe the overcast dreary skies and the forecast of rain kept many people home. 

This is only the second year for this event so maybe it just needs a bit more attention so that people will know it is there and join the event. The kids and I enjoyed ourselves non the less. There were some really neat looking items like the lambs wool feather dusters and handmade iron works. The beading supplies were Sissy's favorite. Bubba was most impressed by the artificial turf... lol

Thank you for stopping by I hope you have enjoyed this mini look at Rapid City, South Dakota. To enjoy more virtual travel, or share about your town join the virtual travelers for Sunday In My City with Unknown Mami.

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Brooke Neal said...

Fruhlingsfest in Munich is simply Oktoberfest in April.

Jim said...

Great post

Jim said...

Great post

bettyl-NZ said...

Yes, maybe it just needs some time to catch on, but I like things like that. It's fun to see what the kids end up looking at.

Wayne (Woody), whatever said...

I hope it gets some traction, it looks like a lot of fun, despite the dreary weather.