Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Writer's Inspirational Overload

The other day while visiting blogs, I came across The Sunday Whirl and realized it has been quite some time since I did any creative writing. So taking the challenge, I decided to join in. I haven't done much writing over the last six months, so this seemed like a perfect way to get a little inspiration. Believe me inspired I did become, almost too inspired.

After reading the words I decided to grab a few photos from Morguefile that fit the prompt words. Then I studied the words and the photos and soon a story was forming in my mind. Not far into the story a bit of a poem popped up and just had to be jotted down.

Then back to the main prose. A few more sentences and wouldn't you know it another poem flowed to the paper [computer screen]. Of course each time a poem filled my head, I was not able to go any further with the main story till the poem was complete then my brain just carried on with the story as if there had been no interruptions. So here they are folks, a short story and two poems all for this weeks word prompts.

One Stormy Night

The mild winter day was rapidly taking a turn for the worse as sun dipped below the horizon. In a violent outburst of fury the winds had suddenly picked up and were now slamming the shutters against  the house. Soon the raging wind would turn the outside into a frigid tempest of swirling snow.  As the lights began to flicker Anna rebuilt the fire knowing soon the electricity would go out and she would need the fire for both warmth and light. No need for her to go groping around the hearth in the dark to start the fire when she could do it now and be ready when the time came.

For many, a night alone without electricity might be a terrifying thought but for Anna it is a welcome reprieve. Slipping off to the kitchen Anna soon returns with a kettle full of bubbling hot water for her camomile tea. Snuggling into her favorite chair with her soft comforter and tea Anna settles in to watch the fluttering of the fire. With a clap of thunder and a flash of lightning the lights go out as the storm intensifies. It is times like these when Anna is most thankful for her positive imagination. Breathing deeply Anna is soothed by the woodsy aroma from the fire and the camomile tea. Focusing on the flickering flames she imagines a thousand butterflies darting about a field of red and orange poppy's. Soon the raging storm is forgotten as her mind begins to wander down a cobble stone path. In the distance she can see an old wooden gate leading to a cozy cottage with a thatched roof. She considers visiting, but decides it will be much more relaxing in the meadow with the warmth of the sunshine and the beauty of the butterflies.


Horns blast, lights flash
caught in a bubbling tempest       
'tis the electronic age

Commotion, havoc
groping for calm
'tis life as we know it

Gone the thatched cottage
with a hearth of stone.
Forgotten the trellis gate
with a thousand fluttering butterflies.

'Tis time to breath deeply
to restore your calm
rebuild a tranquil life.


Grope not my friends for times long forgotten,
follow instead the  wise man on his path of stone.
Past the bubbling waters and through the gate
to a heather thatched cottage with a hearth well laid.
Breath deeply as you rest and rebuild your strength
for in a flash a thousand demands will be at your door.


brenda w said...

Nita, The images in your story are fantastic. My favorite image is the butterflies that Anna sees in the flames. Gorgeous.

All three pieces remind readers to take time to notice life, to breathe it in, to find that "sanctuary" you write of in #3.

This was a good place to start my day. Thank you.

Mary said...

Nita, so glad you found your way to the Whirl. I like each of your well crafted pieces.

Sara McNulty said...

Nita, Hopped over to your site and found "Revitalization", "Sanctuary" and your short story. While all were lovely pieces, "Sanctuary" for me, was outstanding. thanks.