Thursday, January 12, 2012

Amazing Sales

Okay, so everyone knows that you can find good sales after Christmas but I never realized there were fantastic sales still going on in mid January. I think I have found a new favorite winter activity.

My son asked me to tag along yesterday while he did clothes shopping. When we got to the mall there were sales galore! I am talking 60 to 70% off sales. Almost ever store had some kind of great sale going. I wasn't going to get anything but couldn't pass up a beautiful cardigan sweater regularly priced at $40.00 for a mere $6.00.  I didn't really need the sweater, but how could I resits, especially when he was buying. I do however need a pair of nice warm boots. So of course today I had to go back out and look a bit more.

 I am still trying to decide which pair of boots to buy. There were some really pretty ones with three and four inch heels that I would just die for. But, I need to be practical. I would break my neck trying to get to some of the places I plan on taking photos, wearing a pair of boots with high heels. So, I am thinking the third pair is my favorite of the ones that will meet my needs. Although the last pair look so darn comfy, if they only had one layer of fringe I might get them.

Of course what self respecting woman can go into a shoe store and not try on a pair of great looking heels. Generally I am not fond of platforms but I do have to say I really liked both of these shoes. They were both classy and comfy. And yes, this old lady can still walk in stilettos.

 Maybe I will just skip the boots and go for the heels.

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