Monday, January 9, 2012

Digitally Enhancing Pencil Sketches

sketch by my Mellissa Davis
Growing up I had a large binder just jam packed full of pencil sketches. Some I didn't really like but I still held on to them, while others I absolutely loved. It never occurred to me to frame them let alone that one day I would have the ability to turn them into more than just sketches.

At some point in the last thirty plus years that folder disappeared. Now it is my children that have folders upon folders of pencil sketches and I am bound and determined that theirs' will survive into future generations. I often nag them to be sure to scan all their drawings and then back up the digital files. From time to time I even convince them to let me digitally color or enhance their pencil sketches. Of course there is a great deal of collaboration when they agree.

Take for example this drawing done by my son-in-law some years back.
scan of original pencil sketch by J Paul Gregory

Last year I asked if I could enhance and colorize the sketch and was thrilled when he agreed. First we discussed how he envisioned a colorized version of the artwork. Then I went to work. After about five preliminary proofs the piece was finally complete and ready to send to print. Working with Paul to turn his drawing from an 8x10 pencil sketch into a colorized 16x20 art print was very exciting.
Here is the finished artwork, which I am thrilled to say will be offered to the public in as limited edition print through Artistix Network LLC.
Nature's Eye by J Paul Gregory

Thanks to modern technology we both personally and as parents now have an easy way to save artwork or turn that artwork into larger art pieces. If you would like to turn a pencil sketch into a larger colorized work of art but lack the time or know how you can contact me at Artistix Network to find out more about our art services.

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Wow this is incredible! I've always wondered how that works!