Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Wordless (Wordy) Wednesday: Surprise It's Gary Eyes

Wordless Wednesday: The Gary Eye Spy!
While in the midst of a video conference with my daughter and VP of our family owned business I was caught off guard by this sight. It appears we had a spy!

Thankfully the spy turned out to be my granddaughter not some mole sent by our competition. Her and her brother were wanting to video chat with grandma. So when we concluded our business conference I spent a bit of time visiting with my grandchildren.

With them so far away not only do I miss spending time with them but also miss taking pictures of them. So I decided to take the opportunity to get a few shots of the kids even if it was just photos of them on the computer screen.
Being separated by so many miles has been rather difficult, but video chatting and photographs have made it a bit easier.

How do you keep in touch with family that lives far away?

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