Sunday, December 29, 2013

Goodbye 2013 Hello 2014

With the new year just days away it is once again time to say goodbye to the old and welcome in the new. One thing I know I will not be saying goodbye to is Unknown Mami's Sunday in my City. If you enjoy traveling or like to meet new people and see new places be sure to click on the button and join in with the virtual travel.

Unknown Mami
Here is a peak at winter in my city.

It's not too bad when I look at the weather for Sioux Falls, South Dakota which is where the rest of my kids live.

photo taken with my new phone... not too bad.
I am happy to say though that I have said goodbye to the old snow we got at the beginning of the month and although I would rather not I will welcome in the new snow we are expecting to bring in the New Year.

Artistix Network's Plans for the new year: We will continue to offer our customers high quality memory photos and photography as well as inspirational and fun graphic design products.
Our artists personal plans:
Val aka Mrs. G plans to brave the cold and isolation of Rapid City, South Dakota until Mr. G is transferred to as she calls it a REAL city! What can I say, she is a big city girl at heart.  

Terrance has big plans for 2014. Not only does he enter Grad school next fall but he is also getting married in the fall.

As for me, well you can read my New Year's Resolution on my new Personal Blog "With All My Sense". Yes, I know I already have three blogs how will I ever keep up with a fourth. With blogging in mind I purchased a new phone that will allow me to post directly from my phone anytime anywhere. This will be a big plus for all my blogs as often I see something I wish to post about and either lose my train of thought before I get back to my computer or don't have my camera with me to capture the shot.  I don't always have my camera but I do always have my phone. Not only that but the new blog is completely different than the rest, so please hop over and check it out. 

And now to wrap up the year I would like to share a bit about our Christmas. We had a very nice Christmas, even though the whole family could not be together.

Mr. & Mrs. G got Sissy her very own digital camera. Needless to say she is very excited to start taking more photos.

Bubba made out like a bandit with a plane that is almost bigger than he is.

The kids gave their parents some rather special gifts they had made just for them.

The Minecraft paper folding sets I got for the kids was a major hit with the kids of course. 

We adults weren't as excited when it took us four hours to help Sissy construct all the pieces. Poor Bubba doesn't have the coordination to create all the wild folds that were necessary, so he watched. This is only a small portion of all the pieces.

I was pleasantly surprised by the gift of a new office chair. I am not sad at all to be able to say goodbye to my old chair.

Wishing all a Very Happy New Year!


Tara R. said...

That is so cold! Hope you get your new snow, but not so much that you get stranded.

Cyndy @ Back in the Bush said...

Looks like a great Christmas! Stay warm, if you can....
good luck with the new blog!

Robyn G said...

A new office chair is a wonderful Christmas gift! Looks like you and your family had a fun celebration.

Thanks for dropping in at my blog. I appreciate the comment. It's fun to connect with South Dakota bloggers.

Unknown Mami said...

I can't believe all those pieces. Congrats on your new phone. Happy new year to you my friend.