Thursday, December 19, 2013

Writer's Block

For over a month now each time I sit down at this computer to put together a blog post my mind goes  blank. I come up with a topic and type a line or two and then it just stops. Or I think that doesn't sound right as my finger presses hard on the backspace erasing all I have typed. So today the backspace is off limits and what you see is what you get. It may not make much sense and be boring and off but it is something. Over the next week I will be trying to re-invigorate myself by going back to my notes trying to make heads or tails of them.
The post that should have been the easiest instead sent me tumbling into a deep dark hole. It did however inspire a search for an uplifting quote to go with my signature saying 'Hold on to Hope' which I used to create this:

Now for the post;

Title: I am so Blessed

Generally I try and keep my life free of negative thought, however here recently I have been struggling to think positive. It isn't easy, as I am sure you will agree, but it is oh so important to our personal well being. In this crazy mixed up world it is so easy to get caught up in the daily struggles and not recognize our blessings, thus letting negativity consume us.
With that said, today (at the beginning of November) I read a blog that inspired me not only to stop and think about my blessings, but to give voice to those blessings by sharing with others what they are. So here is my list and I hope that it inspires others to dig deep and find their own blessings. ( I do hope though that in doing so others are not thrown into a difficult emotional state.)

1. I am blessed to have known love and laughter with my late husband, even if he was taken all to soon.

2. I am blessed to have four amazing children and one terrific son-in-law and oh let's not leave out my wonderful grandchildren.... I love them all dearly and wish I could see them all more often.
3. I am blessed to have a comfortable home and plenty of food to eat.
4. I am blessed to a chance to share my creativity with others. 

I am sure I have many more blessing but for now these four are the ones that keep me going. 

Have you ever experienced writer's block? If so how do you pull yourself out?

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