Saturday, December 28, 2013

2013 Fragments

Half-Past Kissin' Time

2013 was definitely a fragmented year for me. They say the first holidays preceding the loss of a loved one are the hardest. Well, I guess like in most other things I am the odd ball. Yes, the holiday's during the first year after my husbands death were difficult, but this year they have been even harder for me. Maybe it is because last year I was in Virginia not here in South Dakota where my husband and I lived and raised our family, or maybe, it just took a full year for it to truly sink in that he is gone forever. But whatever the reason the fact remains that this year I have felt more fragmented than in the past. So today I am pulling from my archives a few photos I had hoped to share back when I first took them but some how never managed too. 

This shot shows just one of the many parks here in Rapid City. I haven't been to them all but then that is on my to do list for 2014.
I really do like that we have a large back yard that is perfect for gardening and a bit of camping. Now to just pull myself together and actually start doing things in the back yard.

I really loved the way this shot turned out. It is of a girl dancing with a glow in the dark hula hoop. One of my goals for 2014 is to go to more of the outdoor concerts here in Rapid City.

Here are two of my favorites of the designs Mrs. G did on her nails this last summer. 

These next two were taken during one of our down town photo walks. One of my personal goals for 2014 is to get back to taking photos for the pure fun and enjoyment it creates.

With 2013 in the wind and the New Year just around the corner I decided to create a calendar that would both encourage one to achieve their goals and help them maintain their focus. The calendar consists of thirteen motivational quotes about achievement with a text box on the first page to write ones goal for the year and a text box each month to add the monthly goal. The background photos are ones I took last summer playing with shutter speeds at an outdoor concert.
For those that don't care for the text boxes there is a duplicate calendar without text boxes. These are two pages from the calendars. These are just two of the thirteen pages the rest can be seen by clicking HERE.

In my "share" archive was this motivational photo I created last month. Thus I will leave you with this thought to start the upcoming year.
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Cyndy @ Back in the Bush said...

Backyard camping sounds like fun!
I love outdoor concerts.

bill lisleman said...

I like the quotes. "2013 in the wind" - that's an interesting way to express it. All the best for your 2014.