Saturday, January 4, 2014

Poetry Review: "I lost myself in the mall then found myself in a thrift store"

Are you a poetry lover? I know I am! So when I had the opportunity to get Joshua S. Kangley's book " I lost Myself in the Mall Then Found Myself in a Thrift Store" I jumped at the chance.
Although my personal writing style leans more towards a rigid metrical structure, Joshua S. Kangley's primarily free verse format captivated me throughout this collection of heartfelt poems.

As I read this small book packed full of emotions; happy, silly and sad, I felt myself joining Joshua on his journey of self discovery. His words took me through the joys, sorrows and adventures that have shaped his life. From a place where he refers to mall shoppers as 'shopping zombies' in a 'brick and mortar bubble', past heartache and wonder, to a Thrift store where he left me wondering about the treasure he found.

If you are looking to go on a poetic adventure I suggest you pick up Joshua's book HERE or HERE. I truly enjoyed reading this book and found the poems moving and entertaining, however, my two favorites are: "That Old Boot Box" and "15 Minute Break". 

I wish Joshua well on his literary journey and will be watching for his next book.

To learn more about Joshua or connect with him you can visit his website here or find him on Facebook here. I also strongly recommend visiting his website and reading about his Christmas Card Project.

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