Friday, January 10, 2014

Friday Bits & Pieces

That is right, it is Friday again and I am ever so thankful that Mrs 4444's has a great little meme that is just perfect for rounding off the week and sharing those little bits and pieces that didn't quite fit in the scheme of things during the week.

Half-Past Kissin' Time

Here are my bits and pieces for the week:

Artists that caught my eye this week.

I really have to give this artist a big shout out. His name is M. Bengamin Herndon and he creates some rather unusual and wonderful art pieces. You can click on his name to visit his website and see his other art pieces. I find his newer pieces very intriguing, however it is his older pieces that I really love, especially the one below titled 'Diorama for Orpheus and Eurydice'. 

Simon Beck is the next artist I would like to tell you about. He is totally amazing! I get a headache just trying to imagine all the mathematical calculations that go into the planing of each art piece. Which in itself blows my mind without the added amazement of the cold conditions he works under while completing his artwork. Obviously this is one artist that doesn't hibernate during the cold season. I wonder though what type of art he does when mother nature doesn't give him a blank snow covered canvas?  
compliments of Simon Beck's Facebook page Snowart8848
 Now on to Music:
I happen to be a big fan of shows like The Voice, The X Factor and now of the Sing Off. This was my first season watching the Sing Off and let me tell you it was really enjoyable to watch. I was also very happy my favorite group 'Home Free' won! I swear the bass singer's voice just makes me melt!


Not to jinx myself or anything but I am rather glad to say I think I am officially out of Hibernation. In addition to getting back to posting on all of my blogs I created two new inspirational designs and worked on my book plus finished a few verses of poetry (poetry post to come next week). The first inspirational design can be seen in this POST. I will be sharing the second design in a post this weekend. Both designs should be available in our gift shop by the end of the weekend. 

This week I have also been practicing using ZOOMTEXT which is a program that not only magnifies but also reads text on any computer. This should be a big help this coming week as I will be taking a 10 day trip to Arizona and be without my large screen Mac, instead all work will be done using my phone and my small 10 inch netbook. In preparation I also decided to test out posting with my cell phone.

 If you read my New Years Resolution post you know that I am focusing on the word Healthy this year and that my goal for January is to drink more water.  After I had set my word for the year and my January goal I saw this in the doctors office. Now increasing my water intake and reducing my Mt. Dew intake I can agree too. However, I can guaranty I am not working towards Sodabriety! Thankfully my doctor didn't even suggest I give up soda completely.
And that folks are my bits and pieces for this week. Now go out, enjoy your weekend and of course make some great memories! And don't forget to visit Mrs. 4444's.


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Heather Smith said...

Didn't watch all the episodes of The Sing Off but I caught the finale and loved 'HOme Free'