Wednesday, June 26, 2013

People Watching

So let me just put this out there, Val and I are people watcher. Yep, that is right we just can't help but notice people. Cute people; beautiful people; funny people; odd people and even those that we really wish we hadn't noticed.

Tones on Tuesday and Black N White Wednesday Submission
Today I am linking the above photo with:
Scattered Horizons


Often we will both spot the same person at the same time and just look at each other and smile. We  are not generally rude people but sometimes we just can't keep the mirth inside and on those occasions my 9 year old granddaughter keeps us in line with a sternly spoken "REALLY MOM!, REALLY GRANDMA!"

These next two are not very good but then that is what happens when I try to take photos with my cell phone.

It is not that we think we look better than the people we spot, believe me I am sure that other people watchers find our appearance amusing at times.
 How do you like Val's new socks? As Val says now all she needs is the cape and she is ready for the store!
Are you a fellow people watcher? Where is your favorite place to watch people? My favorite is a busy down town shopping district.


Pride In Photos said...

I think this is one of the reasons I enjoy blogs so is kinda of like people watching. You meet all amusing really.

Sandra Burns said...
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Rob T said...

You are so lucky to have someone to watch people with. My husband is not a people watcher. My favorite place was the city streets when I lived there. Unfortunately, I didn't take many pictures then - I guess that is relative. It is a new interest. I love pictures of children, but sometimes, it is difficult to get permission.

Such great photos, even with your phone. I laughed at the last one. The black and white is sort of mysterious. I love it, but I can't quite figure out where the rest of the boy's body is.

Thanks for stopping by my blog:)

Nita Davis said...

City streets are fun, I tend to people watch even when I am by my self. The little boy is sitting in the bleachers at a race track.
As for asking permission when doing 'Street Photography like this' sometimes I ask but most times I don't ask as that changes the entire emotion of the photo. I will sometimes however, show the person the photo afterward. If you are worried about doing things legally, it is legal to take a photo of a person in public although there are restrictions on how you may use a photo of an identifiable person without their permission, so that is something to consider when doing street photography. Of course if I am ever asked to delete a photo I have already taken I will delete it.

Nita Davis said...

So very true. :D