Sunday, June 23, 2013

Fast Cars N Good Times

I would like to dedicate this post to my father who left this world all to soon in 1985. When I was very little he introduced my brothers and I to racing, muscle cars and the excitement and fun to be had at the Riverside International Raceway. I think it only fitting that my first Sunday In My City post for our new home town of Rapid City, South Dakota show off the local race track; Black Hills Speedway.

A few Friday's ago Mr. G, Bubba and I headed out to the speedway to meetup with a couple of friends and have a good old time.
Not only was this Bubba's first time going to a race track but it was a special night as the program for the night included a Monster Truck show and two amazing stunt shows.
We got there early enough to go down and get a close up look at the monster trucks and meet the drivers.
There were three mini-monster trucks as well and we met these two drivers. Both have been driving in shows for a year. The young lady is 14 and the boy is 8. I do have to say though that while the female driver was very likable the young man had a rather nasty attitude and was very rude.
Our friends had warned me that it was muddy but of course I wasn't about to miss the photo op. Much to my dismay my flip-flop got stuck in the mud at one point and through me off balance resulting in a rather muddy foot. (Note to self: next time wear actual shoes!)
 The night was full of a variety of races.
The stock cars were Mr. G's favorite and of those number 22 was the one he wanted to win the race.

One of our friends picked number 35 to win and the cheering was on, in the end number 35 won both heats.
The main attraction of the night was the monster trucks, with three full size monster trucks and three mini-monster trucks. Although I have to say the full size ones did not impress the crowd, the mini-monster trucks did put on a very good show.
Of the three full size monster trucks the green truck was the only one that did not seem to hold back and really gave it his all. By the end of the show he had lost the back panels off his truck and died before it could get back to the spot where it was to park.

Of the three mini-monster trucks the young lady was by far the better driver and the one who really went all out making high speed approaches, high jumps and filling the field with her dust as she spun donuts. At the end she even went in reverse and jumped the cars getting her truck off the ground and soaring through the air backwards. I should mention that her father was the driver of one of the full size trucks, so I am sure he has been giving her lessons.

It was a good thing we decided to sit high up on the far side of the bleachers where there were not many people behind us, because Mr. G and Bubba got so excited they were often standing and cheering on the drivers.
When they started setting up for the first stunt, called Wall of Fire and Steel, Mr. G acted like the track crew had gone out to the parking lot and got his car. The car chosen for the stunt was the exact make, model and color as the car we had driven to the track. Of course little Bubba knew it wasn't Daddy's car out there and just laughed harder at his dad's antics.
Can you see the car held up by the stilts? Take a good look because it sure didn't look like that when the stunt was over. Here is a short video of the action:

To wrap up a very exciting evening a Firetruck that was outfitted with a rocket engine completely melted a car.

I do believe that little Bubba will forever remember his first trip to the racetrack, I know I do and mine was just a typical race with a few crashes....
I hope you have enjoyed this virtual trip to the race track and if you are ever in Rapid City I encourage you to visit the Black Hills Speedway. 

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Poetic Shutterbug said...

How fun and what a treat for Bubba. Monster trucks are always exciting. My Brother is a hardcore racing fan and would love an outing like this. Awesome shots.

Raymonde said...

Thanks for the visit. Thank you for asking permission to copy my photo, of course you can.

We also like cars and monsters cars, truckers anything with wheels... Looks like the day was good all round fun.

Have a great week. :)

Wayne (Woody), whatever said...

We like to go to the drag races, make sure you have ear protection! Nice shots, the flames are awesome.