Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Helping Children Say Goodbye

Whether you are moving across town or move 1500 miles it is always a busy and stressful undertaking. When that move means uprooting elementary school age children it can be even harder. On top of all the typical things that must be organized for the move now you have to find ways to make the transition easier for the children. 
The one thing I learned years ago with my children was the importance of giving kids a special way to say farewell to their friends whether it was a sleep over or a farewell party, something had to be organized to get the kids and all their friends together for one last adventure. 
Of course when you are so busy with preparations for a major move there is not much time left to organize parties and such. It is extremely important though that children have a chance to say goodbye and know that although they may not see their friends for sometime, they can remain friends and still have contact with each other. To achieve this Mrs. G printed up notes for Sissy and Bubba to give to their friends at school that announced we were moving the following week and that if they could join us at the park on Saturday afternoon from 2-4 to play we would love to see them before we move. The note also contained our new address, phone number and Mrs. G's email.

Here are a few shots from the afternoon at the park.

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Of course there were a few tears, and Sissy and her friends spent more time talking while  Bubba and his friends had a blast with one game or another.
No they may not all keep in touch, but at least they know they can. If nothing else they have some fun photos of them and their friends. 
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Fun60 said...

How wise to consider the children's feelings when it comes to saying goodbye to their friends. Those photos will be treasured I'm sure.