Monday, July 1, 2013

Rediscovering my groove

Here it is Monday already as I sit here wondering why I am just getting around to updating my blogs. Well the truth be known the older I get the harder it is to get back in the groove of things when my routine gets disrupted. I have missed out on joining the fun at  Jame's Weekend Reflections, but at least I can still hop over and check out the great photos everyone else shared. Thankfully I am still able to link up with Friday Fragments, Sky Watch Friday and Sunday In my City. Hopefully I will rediscover my groove soon.

Now on to my Friday Fragments well. . . okay so it is Monday at least they are still fragments.

My week started off with a trip to Keystone. This fragment is continued on my South Dakota photo blog for Sunday in my City, just click on the link to take a virtual visit to Keystone, South Dakota.

Then my Son-in-Laws' mother came for a visit and spent the week with us. It was a fun week with the back yard becoming a campground.

We also had a short visit from some dear friends who stopped for a few hours on their way through Rapid City while headed to school in Wyoming. When I saw how they had secured their luggage to the top of their car I couldn't help but take this shot.

Have you ever seen such cute gargoyles? This is our two cats, Belle on the left and Tiger on the right. Trust me one must beware when going up or down the stairs as they guard the staircase and feel no qualms about batting people as they walk by. 

Sky Watch Friday Submission
It was such a beautiful week with bright blue skies and fluffy white clouds, unlike the week before when we had this nasty storm roll through.

I think it is time to go back to using a daily planner and schedule, schedule, schedule my week! Maybe then I will get back on track. Fellow bloggers, do you plan out your blog posts and if so how far in advance to you typically plan?

2 comments: said...

I never enjoyed the sight of gargoyles so much. Very cute. They look poised to fend off any unwanted company.

Keystone looks fun, and the photo reminds me of a few amusement parks in CA.

Be well, Nita. Thanks for stopping by.

Nita Davis said...

:D now that you mention it the Keystone photo does look a lot like it could have been taken at Knott's Berry Farm.