Thursday, April 21, 2011

Thursday's Inspiration

Last night as I was getting ready to shut everything down and turn in for the night I saw this quote and was immediately inspired. I knew this just had to be the one to use for today's inspirational quote. It is a bit ironic because just as I was completing the artwork I thought to myself 'why is it I always seem to get my creative ideas after 10pm' immediately followed by awwww yes 'we are all mad . . .' the answer to every question that plagues mankind. It is now just after 1:30am here in the Midwest and so I will wish you all sweet dreams and a very happy Thursday.
I went to show my daughter this and was reminded why I should never post artwork I have 'finished' in the middle of the night. Not only had I forgotten one of the primary elements I wanted in the image there were also a few things that needed fixing. So here is the new improved version.

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