Saturday, April 30, 2011

Red X

By Nita Davis
 Wandering the halls of an amazing art gallery I am drawn to an area where at first I think a painting has been removed.Yet as I get closer I realize that there is a canvas hanging on the wall before me. I am drawn to the canvas with it's stark whiteness. The amazing purity of the white is so astonishing it almost takes my breath away.  Gazing intently at the painting I notice a small red X in the upper corner of the canvas. A need to touch this small spot of color upon the stark whiteness overcomes me. Reaching out I gently caress the red x with the tip of one finger. How strange, It is as if all has gone silent, no hum of the lighting, no hushed whispers by other visitors, not even the click click of shoes upon the polished oak floor. An odd feeling comes over me as I no longer feel the solid floor beneath my feet, I am floating in a colorless sea. Cradled within this sea I am completely cushioned in the brilliant white softness. The purity surrounds me, wrapping me in its folds, comforting me from all the color that is reality! My hand drops to my side, and once again i am standing in the gallery with its vivid colors and muffled sounds. Walking away from the painting i understand that i have been given a gift, the knowledge that purity comes from within and that if we can focus on that purity we can find serenity.

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