Friday, March 28, 2014

Fragmented Friday

The past few weeks have been very busy, with a little of this and this, and a little of that and a whole lot of where on earth did the time go! I do however have a few good fragments to share.

1. I  did manage to make it to the March meeting of the Black Hills Photography Club which was very enjoyable. I hope to be joining this very active and fun group of photographers. They meet once a month at this beautiful location. 

2. I took the grand kids to see the taxidermy display last week. Since my granddaughter Sissy was using my Powershot, I handed my phone to my youngest daughter who had come along with us and asked her to use it to capture the kids expressions. 

Here is a shot Sissy captured.
3. By now everyone knows that I love combining great quotes with beautiful images. Well this morning I was delighted to receive this from a friend of mine. He added one of my favorite quotes to one of his beautiful photographs, I was very touched. 
Isn't it beautiful!

4. This morning I received an email about a Call for Art for an art exhibit that will be held during the Dare to Dream convention in June. The convention's mission is "... to provide people with disabilities and others an opportunity to gain knowledge, enhance skills, develop friendships and have fun!" and is being sponsored by some really great organizations that I have had the pleasure of dealing with in the past. So of course I submitted some artwork and hope to have one of my pieces chosen for the art exhibit.

That dear folks wraps up my fragments, so please enjoy your weekend and click the button below to stop over to Mrs 4444's for more fragmented fun.

Half-Past Kissin' Time

A big thanks to Lisleman for reminding me that I needed to link up this post.

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bill lisleman said...

I've read a number of Einstein quotes but that's a new one for me. I don't memorize quotes but typically I'll recall parts of one. That can get one into trouble.
I suspect some people are turned off by taxidermy. I find it interesting. I had a neighbor once who did it as a hobby.
I didn't see this FF post linked up at Mrs. 4444's blog. Last I checked the link thing is still open.