Wednesday, August 29, 2012

When It Rains, It Pours!

That is right for almost a month now it has been figuratively pouring keeping me so busy and worn out my posts as you may have noticed have been rather sporadic. Then yesterday what we thought was going to be a typical summer rain quickly changed. When the family left to go out to dinner it was raining but not too bad and after checking the weather report our area was not under any flash flood warnings so we didn't think too much about it. That is until we headed home and everywhere we turned it looked like this.

Thankfully my Son in law decided to take the back road into the housing tract as it usually doesn't flood as easy as the front route. The entire road was covered with about a foot and a half to two feet of water. We slowly made our way through, thankfully we were in a SUV, although a few regular cars made it through in front of us. 
By the time we got over to our street smaller we were met by a fire truck and police car turning cars around. They let us past once my son in law explained that the driveway just beyond their blockade was our destination. This photo was taken about a half hour later. The police had left and the water had gone down a little but it was still raining and too deep for lower vehicles to pass. This car had tried but soon turned around.
Most of the evening the only ones making it without stalling were trucks and SUV's. It seemed like the whole neighborhood came out to party. There were people standing in the water at the edge of the street warning cars and cheering on those that tried to make it through the deep water. Some made it and others didn't. When a car would stall out the cheering squad quickly snapped into action and pushed the car out of the road and to safety. By the end of the evening there were quite a few stalled vehicles in the parking lot. This morning they were all gone so I do hope they were able to get them started and didn't have to have them toed home.
Now that the storm has passed and the month is coming to a close I am hopeful that life will clear up a bit. How are things in your neck of the woods? 

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Linda said...

I almost lost a car once to a flash is a scary thing! Glad you made out okay! We have been crazy busy, and now getting ready for my mother to come visit. No damage here, just power out for 2 hours this morning!