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I have driven past the Forest Lawn Cemetery many times since moving to Norfolk but have never ventured inside. This month I am practicing my black and white photography, and decided the cemetery would be the perfect place to capturing images that were not dependent upon vivid color for their richness. Wandering this beautiful resting place I could not help but think about the individuals and their families. What life was like for them, if these beautiful markers were all that was left to say they had lived, loved, cried and must certainly have been missed. I certainly hope that is not the case.
This monument is dedicated to the some 240+ foreign sailors who died at sea and were buried here during the early 1900's. I had to wonder if the families of each sailor had known that this is where their loved one was laid to rest.
All throughout there are many beautiful mausoleums like this one. Intricately carved markers and statues adorn the last resting places of the very young and the very old and every age in between. All set in a lovely garden of lush green grass and the shade of beautiful trees and shrubbery. As you can see I almost forgot I was there to practice my black and white photography.

Of course I saw many angels big and small, but this one just called out to me that it needed no color to touch the soul.
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The heavens must have known I was looking for a shot that would capture the beauty and turmoil one surely feels when their loved one is laid to rest in such a peaceful garden. When I looked up and saw the emotion I was looking for.  I hope that I have captured that in this last black and white photo.
Being in this setting and seeing all the markers of lives lost I couldn't help but wonder if we put to much thought into our day to day lives and not enough into our legacy?

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Keetha Broyles said...

Perhaps if we put the right kind of thought into our day to day lives our legacy will take care of itself?

Linda said...

What a beautiful and profound post today, Nita! Great photography, and your writing style is so appealing. I really need to hear these things right now..thanks!

Nita Davis said...
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Nancy Claeys said...

The clouds in the last photo -- wow! Three-dimensional. Great work, Nita.

Nita Davis said...

You are absolutely right Keetha. Unfortunately, I used the wrong word, instead of legacy I should have used 'heritage'. what I was trying to say is in our busy lives we should remember to take the time to pass on the stories of our ancestors. Thus keeping their legacy alive for future generations of the family.
Thanks Linda, I am glad you enjoyed the post.
Thanks Nancy.

Unknown Mami said...

Beautiful and deep. You also make me want to take some black and white photos.