Sunday, February 1, 2015

Founders Park, Rapid City SD

Amazing how a beautiful day and improved health changes everything. After nearly a month of fighting being ill, I am finally feeling stronger and the weather was so nice on the 27th that I headed to Founders Park for some nature photography. Not only did I get some beautiful nature shots but I also learn a bit of local history.

This memorial which set at the entrance to Founders Park was erected in memory of two Rapid City police officers who were killed in the line of duty back in 2011. The city had not lost an officer in the line of duty in over a hundred years when officers Ryan McCanless, Nick Armstrong and officer Tim Doyle were all three shot when responding to a public nuisance call. Officer Doyle was the only one to survive the shooting. It is very sad but I only hope that this city can go another hundred years without losing another officer in such a way.

Now for a few of the nature shots. With record high temps in the mid 60's the day felt and looked more like spring than mid winter.
The ice was almost completely melted.

Bits of green was peeking through the dead leaves.

The trees were showing signs of new growth.
It was such a gorgeous day and so very inspiring.  When I took this next photo I had a strong feeling it was going to be perfect for the thought that was running through my mind as I wandered around Founders Park, and I wasn't disappointed.

This last image is an abstract created using two photos taken that day. The first photo was of a section of the burnished steel from the Officer's Memorial. As I would have told my late husband, the steel called out to me and said 'look at me, wouldn't I make a fantastic abstract image?" Later that night it was the sunset the insisted it would make the best abstract. So I put them together and told them to get along. I do think they learned their lesson. (smiles)
Burnished Sunset
Of course today winter is back, but it was a nice respite.

How was Sunday in your city?
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Anonymous said...

Lovely shots of memorial and sunset. said...

Nita, it's great seeing you again. Thank you for visiting. Your photos and sentiment have depth and beauty.

I love your book cover, too. Congratulations!

bill lisleman said...

so often we see many different things in images our minds are amazing when we are being creative.

Jack said...

I didn't know you have been ill. That is a lousy way to begin 2015. Glad to see that you managed to get out and play with your camera.

Claudya Martinez said...

I love the quote image. I needed to read it right about now.